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Seven Years’Trials and Hardships, the Glorious Legend along the Journey—Glare-Led’s Tour of Huizhou

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Seven years have witnessed the growth and the beginning of the Glare-Led, the fleeing of the time, while we review the footprints of the journey, we are filled with gratitude. In order to express the great thanks to all the staff for their great effort and to build a harmonious team atmosphere, hereby on the day of the company’s seventh anniversary, the company organized a tour to Huizhou’s Xun Liao Wan which is renowned as the “Blessed white sand causeway”, being placed under the hug of nature, people had a great day.

Glare-Led’s Tour of Huizhou

In the morning of June 26th, with the launching of the two buses, people began their journey with great excitement. The journey was filled with joy and people’s laughing. About half an hour later we arrived at the destination, Xun Liao Wan , which is one of the cleanest beaches, apart from the clean beach, the silicon content of the soft and white sea sand is up to 99 per cent among the beach. The close touch with nature, the lucid seawater, the flat seabed, the white arc-shaped beach, the soft and smooth sand, the experience of all those things is filled with great joy.

Glare-Led’s Tour of Huizhou

The time of joy fleed away, it came to the lunch time, which was a very challenging picnic. The whole company was divided into eight groups, check the tacit understanding between you two, people all devoted themselves to the cooking, and the old says goes, ”men’s cooperating with women makes the job less tired.” A great meal was put onto the table under the harmonious atmosphere, grab and enjoy your meal quickly.

Glare-Led’s Tour of Huizhou

In the evening, we run the bicycle, took the yacht, had the barbecue over the beach, all staff had a great of themselves. It was 8 clock after the dinner, we returned back to our way home with great regret of leaving though the outside world was so amazing and fantastic.

Glare-Led’s Tour of Huizhou

This tour has not only increased the team-work spirit among the staff but also riched the staff’s cultural life and accelerated the company’s cultural communication. The festival was ended with a round of joy and laughing.

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