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The LED Display Application in Traffic Display Area

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With the continuous development of LED display technology, LED display application range is more and more widely, Large screen rental businessman said that, LED display applications are particularly more and more widely in the traffic display field recent years. So, how LED display to use in traffic?

Traffic alerts

As all we know, road traffic conditions change rapidly, therefore, traffic tips is particularly important. In order to help the driver to grasp the traffic information better, rapid road selection, large screen rental businessman think that in some of the main road sections set up traffic information real-time broadcast LED display is very important. Moreover, with such a prompt, but also can reduce the occurrence of many security incidents, which for the maintenance of social security is still very helpful.

The LED Display Application in Traffic Display Area

Ad push

When driving on the road, especially on the highway, we will always see a lot of huge advertising billboards, pushing the above are real estate, cars, alcohol and tobacco products such as high-profit advertising. Large screen rental businessman told us that before this type of advertising and more giant cloth billboard form. With the emergence of LED large screen, so that the push more flexible advertising, the effect is more excellent, compared to the traditional cloth billboards are more durable.

Information Publish

In the view of the big screen rental businessman, LED screen display information on the traffic road, in the dissemination of a certain degree of coercion, so dissemination of information here is very high, the use of this feature for the dissemination and publish of important information is also perfect, so this is also the LED display on traffic display more and more widely use, is an important reason in the led traffic area.

As a global traffic LED application solution supplier and brand leader, Glare-led traffic LED display has a first-class ventilation and waterproof system to protect the display from rain damage, also have good heat dispersing performance, aviation head steady power supply and the rate of high-refresh rate to prevent the image flicker, so that our products have a better price in the industry.

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