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The Second Quarter Staff Meeting--2020 Fire Safety Training and Exercises for all Employees

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On June 11, 2020, Shenzhen Glare-Led Co., Ltd held the second quarter of this year's employee meeting and 2020 fire safety training and exercises for all employees on the ground floor playground.


This conference has three main tasks. One is to conduct annual fire safety training and fire drills for all employees in 2020. The other is the relevant system promotion of the Administration Department. The third is to summarize the second quarter and objectively analyze the existing problems and arrange the deployment of the third quarter. Work, further mobilize the vast number of employees to unite and work hard.The conference officially started. Firstly, award prizes to the company's outstanding employees!


Secondly, the administrative supervisors should announce relevant systems, including electricity safety, shoe cabinet management and other systems, requiring employees to abide by the companys relevant systems, starting with themselves, and keeping the principle of safety first.


Subsequently, Mr. Chen Yong, deputy general manager, gave an important speech, summarizing the achievements of the company this quarter and some problems existing at this stage, and put forward requirements for the following work arrangements: increase the intensity of quality supervision, put quality first, and plan for future company development.


Finally, the security staff and administrative supervisors conducted fire safety training for all employees, as well as how to properly use fire extinguishers and organized fire drills. Through this activity, all employees have a clearer understanding of fire safety and played a positive role in the future fire safety management.



A new journey has begun. New opportunities, challenges and tasks are waiting for Glare-LED. The staff of Glare-LED are united and working hard, and the cause of Glare-LED is bound to be more brilliant!


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